RHome API REST Web Services

The REST API enables developers to access some of the core primitives of RHome including Home service providers, products, and user information. If you're building application that leverages core RHome objects, then this is the API for you. Imagine building a profile of a user: their name, their home, their projects, and the graph of objects that comprise RHome - all with a few RESTful API calls. In addition to offering programmatic access to the user hoem information, this API also enables developers a multitude of integration opportunities to interact with Home industry information. Through the REST API, a business analyst can access contextual Home data, information, insights and more.

If you are new to REST web services, you can get up to speed using the following REST API Tutorial or IBM's tutoral.


Service Providers are professionals who do work and services to improve your home

Resource Description
GET /provider.json/{id} Retrieve a specific service provider information
POST /provider.json Creates a new service provider
PUT /provider.json/{id} Update a specific service provider information